Yiannis Kapetanakis, Café Kostbar,

Yiannis Kapetanakis is a virtuoso Cretan Lyra instrumentalist, composer and professor. Best known for his live Lyra loop project. Having joined different music projects in the past with well-known artists and several bands, he decided that it was about time to go his own way. 2012 was the year he left both the band life and his career as a Lyra professor behind. After a short period of time, Yiannis discovered that he could create his own music universe, compositions and a full band live, while using only his Lyra, a looper and pedals. After a long period of studying this new live project came alive and Yiannis traveled from Athens to Crete in order to present his new Lyra loop project for the first time at the Matala Music Festival and in the streets of the hippie capital. Soon, he became one the most famous and inspiring street musician of Crete and not only. He was invited to major music and art festivals in Greece, India, Germany and the Netherlands. His live performance can be best described as an „psychedelic journey into Cretan traditional, ambient, Anatolian and electronic music“. Many electronic and hip hop music producers got instantly inspired by his Lyra compositions, and discography projects like „Minoa“ and „Smyrna“ were born.

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